Gig Review... The Soft @ Portland Arms, Cambridge, 1st March 2012

The Suffolk trio open up the show tonight against a projector backdrop of looping images that run parallel to The Soft’s music. They open with ‘Hot Summer’, the first track of the EP of the same name, sounding larger, and more fulfilling live. The extended version of this track soon fades into ‘Venus Breath’, reverb samples and the lead singer’s droning voice ‘the weight of this world…’ gliding into throbbing electronica. ‘Tropisms’ sounds equally triumphant tonight, given an extra kick live. The short support slot is enough to show how much they’ve progressed as a band since September when I saw them support Big Deal. Before they showed promise but the songs couldn’t quite fill the space, but now the sound is panoramic and the way is paved for The Soft to really go somewhere.

Photo Copyright of White-Robot Photography

Patten showcases a very different brand of dance music to that of The Soft, where they are an ethereal, slow-burning beauty, Patten is upbeat and the beats and bass shift, just one man at the helm. When you take away all the internet mystique, Patten’s music is what matters. Barely audible vocoder vocals echo over sampling and thrusts of bass. The songs warp into each other, leaving chasms of hypnotic, trance-like dance music to float around the Portland Arms uninterrupted. Tonight is electronic music at it’s finest.

Written by - Connor Browne