Gig Review... Swiss Lips @ Water Rats, King's Cross, London, 20th March 2012

After signing a 4 album deal with Sony they've come a long way since we've first laid ears on them, they were called 'Ten Bears' in the days of old, and now they've stunned us with their amazing performance in a little pub in London.

Having stirred quite a buzz with their 'd├ębut' track 'U Got The Power' we couldn't help but go down to see them perform, one of the last times they were playing in London I was abroad, so I had to see them after 3 years of waiting. They got the biggest crowd of the night so far with the place brimming with smiles and people bopping away to the bouncing synths and captivating vocals. They wowed me after they played 'Danz' and further confirmed their introduction to the crowd by playing their tropical number 'Fireheart', hailing from Manchester they've got some shows up that way coming up so see them if you can, your ears will love you!