Single Review... Blood Red Shoes - Cold

This single marks the start of the third album officially. 'Cold' will be the first single of many released from the new album, 'In Time To Voices' is out on March 26th, but we've still managed to give it a review thanks to their people!

The onslaught of drums of fast paced drums welcome you into their first single off the album, the song has already been doing the rounds on the internet so I’m sure you know what it sounds like, if not. This is a great track to judge the new album by, mature vocals from the duo and amazing musicianship by the pair of them.
Out of 10: 8/10

Hundred Million Percent:
We've got the 7" through already thanks to the postal service for being too quick, so we've already given this track a listen. Just like 'Cold' you're welcomed into the song by a rampant guitar riff, Laura's vocals complimenting the dirty guitar tones. This song was recorded in January, and if all of the B-Sides have this much energy in it then this is going to be a great era for the fans!
Out of 10: 8/10