Single Review... Films Of Colour - Running

After a great year last year the band are setting their sights even higher, with an album on its way and a jaunt to America for some shows state-side and even popping down to SXSW for some shows!

‘Running’ is a great statement to make to their fans, they really mean business! With a great build up with deep synths and wonderful backing vocals they've laid down a track that'll really go down with their state-side fans. Currently in SXSW this track is going to down a storm with the really catchy lyrics they've crafted.
Out of 10: 7.5/10

Creature Of Habit:
Like all of their B-Sides this one also seems to be on the experimental side, they've clearly drawn their main influence of Radiohead into the frame for this song. But as a you delve further into this song they've yet again made an amazing chorus to hook the audience into. With a rush of guitars, slightly distorted vocals and great effects used on the guitar pedals the end of the song is a wall of noise, such a great ending too!
Out of 10: 9/10

Films Of Colour - Running (Single)
Out of 10: 8.3/10

Films Of Colour - Tightrope (Demo)