Bloc Party's next album will be heavy?

As we all know, Bloc Party will be returning to the live circuit this year and will also be bringing a new album to the world. Early on in the year the Bloc Party fans were doing anything to get an insight into what the album would sound like. In October 2011 Russell Lissack tweeted "Off to new York for a month of hard rocking". As we later found out this was to do with Bloc Party. On the 8th of November he tweeted again, this time saying "Ready to rawk".

He then gave the fans the best bit of information a week after, when he let us all know they were in James Iha's studio! After all of that Bloc Party started to spew out video teasers, the song played in the video is called 'Colosseum' and it's safe to say it's a heavy track, even if you go by the drumming alone! And after all of that another video came out of Russell doing a heavy riff. We think the album will be heavier than the previous albums, but it's up to you weather you think it'll be heavy too, click the links and judge for yourself.