Daily Download... Clock Opera - Clock Operation

Entirely constructed using sounds that were submitted to us via SoundCloud & made 24 & 25 March 2012.

Contributors:Aline Shinzato, Axel Henry, Cheto, DeadheadUK, DJ SVA, EverythingEverything, Filthy Dukes, Gareth O'Malley, Gary Legend of Magic & Fur, Gregory Emfietzis, [HackedDead], Henk Lasschuit, Hideous Wheel Invention, Inventors, Izabel Menezes, Jenny Tate, Jon Blake, Lukas Wooller of Maximo Park, Luke Smith, Magnets, Makoo, Man Without Country, Mark Spivey, Maxximk, Memory Maze, Michael Celedron, Naxdon, Nick Gill of The Monroe Transfer, Petar Rogulja, Ratri Anugrah, Re Smith, Rob Ball, Rubb, Smallholding, Solar Fox, Stuart Wright, The Dark Lights, The Tiger's Bride
Theme Park, Tim Love Lee, Timothy Folkema, UNKLE, Zenith Vesper

Clock Opera's d├ębut album 'Ways To Forget' is released in the UK on 23rd April 2012 by Moshi Moshi / Island Records.