Introducing... Animal Kingdom

Ok, I rarely do an 'Introducing' post on a band who have over 8,000 likes on facebook or are signed to a major record label. This band have both of the above, now we met the lead singer back when we caught up with El Rio in March. I chatted to the singer and he told me it's hard for them being a UK based band and being signed in North America. The music doesn't get that much play here in the UK, which is a shame.

Now I would say that there sound is one that the citizens of the UK deserve, Richards vocals are one of those that you could fall in love with! And with their latest single "Strange Attractor", you can clearly see why, that track sounds like it'll be on every major cinema directors lips, the whole structure of the song is fabulous and the soft vocals combined with the delicate guitars and drumming can easily give a love scene that extra sparkle.

For fans of // Bloc Party, Mew, Morning Parade