Introducing... The Carpels

In the urban sprawl of industrial Birmingham, there's a musical movement taking place unlike any other. It's one that's beginning to ignite on the national stage causing a frenzy of major label signings in the area and a ton of hype to form around many of its inhabitants. Using a grimy indie-style as a base for their music, these pioneers are forging urban sounds like dubstep with aggressive punk and wailing electro synths. Think East London on speed.

At the heart of this movement are The Carpels, a five-piece rabble of eighteen and nineteen year olds who, despite their youth, are pushing this sound forward. The hoodie-clad band sound as aggressive as they look, pulling the listener through a multitude of different genres at break-neck speed. Punk, dubstep, electro-house, ambient, even with some operatic vocals thrown in at the odd occasion. And it's not necessarily suprising given the various multi-cultural collisions that they've grown up around. The band have just released a new short-film featuring three new tracks which were recorded live - called The Neon Sessions - exemplifying the movement that's currently taking place in the region. They signed to local label One Beat Records last year, which is led by Jon Brookes, The Charlatans drummer.

This scene is also a far cry from London as all the bands involved support one-another on a weekly basis at shows and quite happily share fans. Bands such as Peace have been receiving enormous praise in the media currently, whilst other local legends such as Troumaca and Swim Deep have recently signed record deals. The Carpels will be headlining a one-day summer festival organised by the bands label called One Beat Sunday which will be showcasing a whole host of local artists alongside The Carpels.

For fans of // Foals, Peace, Swim Deep

Written by - Leanne Sherman