10 Bloc Party tracks you must hear

We are BIG fans of Bloc Party and after someone asked me at work what was my favourite Bloc Party track I got all flustered and said "Two More Years", to an extent that's correct, great to sing-a-long to but overall I'd say "Blue Moon". After trying to tell them it ended up being re-written and the lyrics being slightly changed they were confused why they'd do such a thing. I went on to tell them about a whole host of Bloc Party songs that most people wouldn't dare listening to because they were not on any albums, this is a big mistake... and I shall show you why!

Below are ten Bloc Party tracks you must hear before you see them live later on this year, they may just play some, you'll never know!

The Present

Always New Depths

This Is Not A Competition

Cells Shaped Like Stars

Blue Moon

Compliments (Union Version)


Chinese Burn


The Once And Future King