Gig Review... In Golden Tears @ The Square, Harlow, 12th May 2012

After we saw them live last year we couldn't wait to see them in 2012 and especially after they secured 4th on our "Sounds of 2012" list, after adding two new members after the departure of their drummer they've got even better than last time we saw them! We originally went down to Elecrtricity in Shoreditch to see them however after most of the bands took too long to set-up and a delayed started to the evening the lads from Hamburg only played 5 songs, which was a shame. So we went down to catch up with them in Harlow, and boy... we were in for a great show!

They opened their set up with "Hollows" which saw the band use synths, sample pads, bass and drums, this was a long way off what I was expecting, but Patrick (Vocals) was commanding the crowd with his vocals and then they went into "Curse On Us". This track was more like the conventional set-up, they were using their guitars a bit more and once more people in the bar below the stage heard them play this they came upstairs to check out what was going on. Eventually the floor was filled with people adoring what they were playing. The next track was their moment to shine. "Urban Emotions" has been a track we loved and it got them to 2nd in our 'Track of the year' poll at the end of 2011. They opened up the song and you could easily see everyone loving what was being played, you could hear gentle guitars nursing your ears, bass pulsing away and drums played to perfection, the crowd were loving everything that these lads were doing! Towards the end of the song everyone was nodding their heads in approval and once the song finished they got a big round of applause!

After their most recognisable song was played they delved into some brand new tracks, "Cathedrals" was a dark Indie-Rock track that got even more people into the venue, and as well as "Black And Blue" they were amazing considering how new the songs were! The next track made my night, "Autumn Leaves" involved a mass sing-a-long during the chorus that got (nearly) everyone singing along to it, this was the highlight of the set for me as this could easily be their next single! They then finished with "Sparks And Lightnings" and their latest single "Underneath The Balance". This was a great performance and I can expect big things for them in the future!

In Golden Tears played:
Curse On Us
Urban Emotions
Black And Blue
Autumn Leaves
Sparks And Lightnings
Underneath The Balance