Interview... with Don Broco

On the 2nd of May I went down to London to chat to Don Broco, I was expecting them to be a stereotypical bunch of rockers, shy about answering questions and stubborn, far from it! These four lads are some of the nicest guys in Rock I've ever met!

So where do you guys initially come from?
Well three of us are from Bedford and one from Hartford

Are you guys going to be playing any local festivals?
Well there is one local to us called "Rythyms of the world" which is in Hitchin, that's a small one but it was the big free one, I (Rob) went to that every year. But the next local-ish one is "Slam-Dunk" in Hatfield so they should be exciting!

So what bands inspired you to start playing music?
There are a few bands we agree on, Incubus, Ruben and Biffy Clyro and then we've got our own offshoot intrests, but they're the main ones.

I hear you've got an EP out already?
The mini-album came out in February last year which we self released and the new album is our first full length release and on our new label too so we couldn't be anymore excited for this. Because it's been a long time coming for us and we feel we couldn't be more happy with the material and that we've written the best album we ever could've and to have the support of the people behind us now it's really exciting to how far we can go now.

Have you been touring with any already established bands?
Well we haven't been to Europe yet but we've been hammering the UK pretty hard, we've played with The Used and Four Years Strong, and we're getting our name out there now after supporting the bigger bands.

I just love the close knit scene you guys are on, did that help get you the tour with Futures?
Ah well that was a strange one actually, we don't know them personally but someone put in a good word for us, a mutual friend between them and us and that's how we got to tour with them. We're looking forward to it!

Do you sit on song ideas for a while?
Well we don't sit on lyrics for ages, they tend to be the last thing we do, but sometimes we're like "Oh do you remember that riff for the song we didn't use" and then we use it in a new song and make it sound the way we want it.

So tell the the writing process of your album.
Well we actually recorded it in our friends studio and done everything there, it's just a room off the main house at his and we done everything in there. Then we signed to the label a few months after so we're excited to see what people make of it!

When is it out?
The album is out 13th of August

That's right in the middle of festival season, was that chosen for a reason?
Not intentionally, that was the earliest we could get the album out after doing promotion for it, touring for a little bit and playing a couple more shows, but as you said, in festival season is a great release date. It was just luck really the date fell during that time

The album is out 13th of August, but you can check out their video for "Priorities" now! Thanks to Rick and Don Broco for this!