Track of the week... Eliza And The Bear - Trees

Eliza And The Bear are a young band based in Essex, they've already generated quite a buzz around them after their powerful live shows that captivate the crowd and their début song called "Trees". That track is our track of the week this week and we can't wait to tell you all about them as they are ones for the future!

They recorded this track earlier in the year with Peter Miles (Canterbury, The Wild Mercury Sound and The King Blues). They've also been in the studio recording their début EP, however the track that we're ranting and raving on about is "Trees". It's a Folk-Rock track with big choruses , tumbling guitars draping all over the beautiful vocals, imagine Arcade Fire but with only 5 memebers, that's pretty much them! But they've got one thing Arcade Fire don't have, a great following from just one track, they're going to be big, you can just tell! They're playing some shows soon, so if you're near why not drop by and check them out!

16th - New Cross Inn - London
19th - Trof, Fallowfield - Manchester
24th - The Square - Harlow