Gig Review... Don Broco and Natives @ Arts Centre, Norwich, 7th July 2012

This was the third night of the Futures ‘Karma tour’ which was meant to take place earlier this year in April but after being dropped from their label, the band had to postpone the tour to July this year, and it was definitely worth the wait as they pulled of the show with execution and style.

The show opened with a small band from Southampton called Natives, led by an over confident Matt Filip they got the show off to a convincing start by playing their new single ‘This Island’, which a few members of the audience were able to sing along to.

The second band to hit the small graceful stage was an eagerly anticipated band from Bedford; Don Broco. Don Broco started off the set with their latest single ‘Priorities’, which was released on May the 13th, and already the crowd knew all the words as they sang along, really getting the show going. They then went into an old song of theirs ‘Fancy Dress’; the hardcore fans in the crowd were able to sing along. During the song, Rob (lead singer) jumped over the front barrier straight into a large circle in the crowd that he had created, on the drop of the song he made everyone run into him which caused many people in the crowd to fall over each other, as Rob appeared from the mess, he jumped back up on stage and continued…

The band then continued into another old favourite ‘Beautiful Morning’, this song again was able to get the crowd jumping, all the band mates really felt comfortable on the stage; dancing and running about, the energy was really electric on stage and some of the energy was able to rub off onto the crowd. The band then cracked into their new material from their up and coming album ‘Priorities’, which is to be released on August the 13th. The song ‘Back In The Day’ had a very nice rhythm to it, incorporating a good solid drum pattern with heavy guitar riffs. The band then went into ‘Actors’, which is to be released as a single on the new album, the song was able to engage with the crowd, as some members knew the words.

The band finished with an old favourite ‘Dreamboy’ which again allowed Rob to engage with the crowd by making the mosh pit run around the open space in a circle which gave the whole place a real good vibe. Overall Don Broco were a very energetic and crowd pleasing band with lots of charisma, possibly overshadowing the headline act ‘Futures’

Written by - Henry Leather & Edward Chalu

Don Broco