Track of the week... Harbour - Colder

"It's got a little colder here" - This is the opening line from the amazing song from Harbour, while I was away on my summer holiday I fell in love with this song. The Cheltenham 5 piece Alternative-Rock band craft amazing love songs with an edge of urgency to it! The song is a master piece for all bands to set as a bench mark on, the opening of the song is gentle and calming with the vocals dominating the song.

The chorus is something you can sing your heart out to your loved one, imagine, it's raining, you're looking into each others eyes and this song playing. The last verse is once again an amazing piece of musical skill with the song finally ending with a calming state, and what of it? You're left in awe of it. What's best about this band is that if you go to their bandcamp page, you can download everything for free! An amazing band who you should keep an eye out for next year!

Free Mp3 / Harbour - Colder (Single)