Introducing... MoRo

We've been listening to MoRo for a few months now and we're really into their latest offerings. They're based in London and are due a break any time now, why? I'll tell you why. Their latest single 'Lay Down Your Ghosts' is a prime example of what this website is all about, finding the stars of tomorrow and letting you all know about the next best thing. They've got amazing live shows and it;s backed up with songs such as this!

The track has a haunting opening with captivating vocals and guitars that will win over any Arcade Fire fan and the chorus is out of this world. You would think that they can't surely go one better, well they do try. The B-Side to that stunning track is 'Motorcade', it does seem like they're going out to dominate the taste-makers from the off. I can't believe what I'm hearing hear, this really could be a defining day for me, the day I hear MoRo certainly changed my life!

For fans of / General Fiasco, Various Cruelties, The Chevin