Gig Review... Seasfire @ The Lexington, London, 11th October 2012

The Lexington has been a great place to watch bands for years, also it's always been kind to us as we've found out about With That Knife, Eliza and The Bear and Rova via seeing them perform at one of the best 'pub venues' in London. As you all may already know, Seasfire are very popular with us and we jumped at the opportunity to see them play this special venue.

They opened with a bold song 'We Will Wake', at first the space in-front of them was just me, some gents at the front and people on the way to becoming tipsy near the bar. As soon as that song was finishing the place just seemed to bolster with eager punters wanting to get the best vantage point to witness what went on to be an amazing set. The next song was a new one for me, this song once again just got the crowd's attention and was a lot faster and when performed live it was just fantastic to behold, a departure from their slower stuff, but none the less I was blown away by this! I just hope it gets it's way onto a release, people need to hear this!

'Falling' was one of those slower songs I mentioned, originally the song that got me into them, there just isn't enough superlatives to describe this track, but one thing I will say is that's it is a nice break from the faster songs and breaks down the set. Here Josh's vocals roused everyone and I couldn't help but feel pleased to be there seeing him at his peak. 'You Won't Be' and 'Undone' were the next two songs up and after 'Falling' the entire room was rammed, not an inch to move, it was great to finally hear the live interpretation of 'Undone' and might I say, the performance was so tight that I can really see them being a real force when their album comes, a band that can perform a song to the same level as a the recorded version is one that doesn't come around often!

'Crushing Abyss' was a brand new track to us, at this point I was more than satisfied with what I hear, but this just topped it off. I have to hear this song again, it was a great example of what a band form Bristol is all about, being different yet still managing to capture the listeners imagination. They ended their 7 song set off with their closer 'Hold You Like No Other', a great track to give a lasting impression on everyone in the room. I even done my bit pointing out to people how to find them on the internet. This evening was one I shall not forget any time soon, it was amazing to see them out of the festival environment and see them on the stage in a venue. I urge you to see them if you can, they're playing some shows soon, so get on down and fall in love with the next best thing in guitar music!

Seasfire played
We Will Wake
You Won't Be
Crushing Abyss
Hold You Like No Other

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