Track of the week... Jaws - Surround You

All hail Birmingham! Jaws are the next B-Town band to break, the band are releasing their newest single 'Surround You' on the 3rd of December and we've chosen it to be our 'Track of the week' this week! I've been playing the repeat button on soundcloud a bit too much this week, and for good reasons too! After picking up their demo CD earlier on in the year I'm glad I've let them into my life, their latest track IS track of my year!

If you imagine Friendly Fires went a bit surf then you've got it! Their surf guitar hooks are sublime and with the sound of synths and keyboards in the background giving this track the edge over the rest. The track is perhaps their catchiest track yet. If you fancy going on a journey it only takes 4 minutes from your day and let these boys show you what they're about, 2013 here we come!

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