Gig Review... Blisseyes @ Camden Barfly, London, 11th March 2013

When we saw the Cambridge based four-piece back in January we knew that they were going to do big things this year. After picking up some die-hard fans after their latest shows they kicked off the set with a Post-Punk track vocals reminiscent of Ian Curtis and Tom Fleming. This show is by far the lads biggest to date, with the opening act of the show bringing a strong amount of support from down the M11 they played their set to a scene of mates, music journalists, friends and Coasts fans who couldn't believe what they've just listened to.

They kicked off the set with their latest track "Waterfalls" which showed off the band as how they want to be portrayed as. With lots of people eager to see them this was the perfect way to start off what was going to be a great set! Drunken Scots were dancing along to "Male" when it was played out and the drunk even grabbed me and complimented them by saying "They're fucking great, like Radiohead", maybe not that big yet but certainly on the way to stardom. 

Although it was two months in-between me seeing them I can already see them progressing as a band, Cook is more comfortable in-front of the crowd, more interaction and overall his vocals are growing more deeper and brooding. Be sure to check them out when they announce more shows!

Blisseyes played:
Aggro (Ivory Dress)

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