Track of the week... Lovelife - Dying To Start Again

Lovelife last week uploaded their latest song "Dying To Start Again", and as ever, they've given a digital copy of the song away for free. This is a really good reason why this band are one of our favourite up and coming bands, letting the fans have easy access to their songs is a real game winner for us. This song is the first glimpse of what their new EP would sound like.

The tropical flavoured intro with the wash of noise rolling over it gives way to Leonard's vocals. With a great pulsating drum beat and synthy bass carrying the track the duo have crafted a track that can easily throw them into the spotlight, a radio friendly track that can easily have festival goers bouncing in the masses. The track is all about Leonard wanting to start a fresh, and I'm pleased to report, I can see this band lasting the distance. Keep an eye out on Lovelife in the coming year!

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