Arctic Monkeys change name to Siberian Monkeys due to lawsuit from American band

The Sheffield band are going to have to change their name from Arctic Monkeys to Siberian Monkeys due to an American 8 piece jazz fusion band claimed that they've been playing under the name for over 15 years.

This news comes as a shock to everyone as to why it took 15 years for this to come to light. Alex Turner has been quoted
"We're going to change our name, not by much, but sadly we're now going to have to re-call every album we've made to change the name on the CD/vinyl"
The last time anything like this happened on a mass recall the car maker Lancia ran out of money and went bust. This means that if it costs too much the band may split up to save costs.  "It just has to fall on April Fools day the only day in the year when I can get away with doing this" - Fred Bambridge editor of It's All Indie said. Happy April Fools day everyone!