EP Review... Jaws - Milkshake

We've been avid listeners of Jaws ever since picking up a copy of their demo cd. So when we got wind that they're releasing an EP we knew we had to give it a thorough listen!

"Breeze" opens up the EP and it's a summery affair with upbeat Garage-Rock mixed with some light airy guitar tones, with a catchy chorus this song is something to savour when the sun's out! Even if it's pouring down with rain (like it often does here in England) you'd still want to pick up your board and go for a surf. "Donut" opens with a lovely distorted guitar then delves straight into some really lovely Surf-Rock, if you imagined the most perfect track to be driving to while sitting in a car going to the beach, this would be it! Really gets you in the mood for whatever you're doing!

"Toucan Surf" is the 'ballard' of the EP (if there was one), coming in at 4 minutes 50 seconds long this is by far one of my favourite songs of the past year, I'm really glad the guys gave this a 2nd release on the EP as it shows them off in another light.
"Three words, everything is ok"
The slow surf-rock riff opens the song and you're welcomed back into Jaw's world of light airy guitars and lovely soft warming vocal tones. "A Friend Like You" can easily be classed as their best song yet as it shows the band at their finest, and with billowing synths that give this song an added layer it just has it all!

"Stay In" pulls the listener back through time to some dirty indie club in the early nineties, with some synths in the mix too this creates some a real revival for the Indie scene. Something we can all hope transpires into some big time attention! If you imagine Friendly Fires went a bit surf then you've got it! Their surf guitar hooks on "Surround You" are sublime and with the sound of synths and keyboards in the background giving this track the edge over the rest. The track is perhaps their catchiest track yet. If you fancy going on a journey it only takes 4 minutes from your day and let these boys show you what they're about!

We love everything about Jaws in the first place, so we knew it was going to be an amazing EP to listen to. We can't wait to see what the future holds for the Surf-Rock band from Birmingham, they're no longer riding the B-Town waves, they're making them! Buy this EP or forever hold your peace, Jaws are here to stay!

Jaws - Milkshake
Out of 10: 9/10

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