EP Review... Pixel Fix - Pixel Fix EP

The EP opens with “Rosa”. now this is the track that made us want to tell you all about them. It's like what The XX would be if they were 4/5 years younger, the track has it's slow parts and brooding guitars flowing over the smooth vocals. As the track progresses the speed of the track picks up. Towards the end the song explodes into a 21st century glitchy guitar rock out! After that stunning opener we then delve straight into “Lake”. This is more of what I was expecting from them, leaning towards the realms of catchy Indie-Pop similar to the styles of Foals and Two Door Cinema Club, but I'm glad they went a bit more experimental on the sound as I think they've found a great little niche within this track!

After the 'Intermission' “Ember” is next up and this track is the most anthematic of them all, a drum pad opens the song with seriously glitchy soundscapes paving the way for the guitar to edge its way into the song. As the chorus explodes the drive of the 5-some continues with some stunning vocals, this is one of their newest songs, and if this is the way forwards for them then I'd welcome that, seriously love this tune!

“Rome” (one of their oldest songs) closes their d├ębut EP and we've had it as our 'Track of the week' before so we know how good this song really is! It's a very upbeat track that reminds you of early Two Door Cinema Club riffs, combine that with the vocals of Matt Healy (The 1975) this track has it all, very atmospheric and very catchy!

Overall I'd like to say that this band are just starting off, which makes this release even more of a feat! The 5 track EP really shows their prowess off in a great way with the variety of styles ranging from pure Indie-Pop to more Experimental music. If they don't get big by the end of the year I'd eat my hat, they deserve all the recognition that I'm giving them, and being steered to the success by a great manager they're going to be around for a long time I hope!

Pixel Fix – Pixel Fix EP
Out of 10: 9/10

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