Introducing... Superfood

I first heard rumours about Superfood at the tail end of last year when Peace announced their Birmingham Christmas show that included support from Superfood as well as Jaws, Wide Eyed and Heavy Waves, but back then they were known as Junnk (by the way if you haven't listened to any of those bands I highly recommend it via their soundclouds). Although I couldn't make it to the gig I decided to have a listen to the supports as they were all bands that Peace loved. I found stuff by the others easily but with Superfood/Junnk I found nothing. Then I was told that there wasn't anything, not yet at least and that live these guys were brilliant.

Fast forwards a couple of months and they've played a few more gigs (12 in total) as well as support slots with Peace, and the obligatory Birthdays show, which was attended by the guys from Peace as well as a few from Swim Deep who are all massive fans, in fact in a recent interview Harrison Koisser, lead singer of Peace was quoted as having a Band Crush on them. The four piece made up of Dom Ganderton (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Malcolm (vocals/lead guitar), Emily Baker (bass) and Carl Griffen (drums) released their first song tonight,  Superfood, which as well as being their namesake was also the first song that Ganderton and Malcolm wrote together.

Superfood (the song) is pure summer, and their influences are easily identifiable, with 90s alternative music along the lines of Pavement as well as having more obvious Britpop-y influences but with a slightly heavier feel, a bit like Wavves and slotting in with the slacker-ish music coming out of the area while still managing to sound like something new. These guys seem to know how to write a chorus too with the shouts of "You're Always Hungry" that get stuck in your head after the first listen, coupled along with cooing backing vocals of "superfood" in the more chilled parts of the song. All in all “Superfood” is a solid catchy debut track that lives up to the hype and buzz that’s surrounded their early months of being a band, so prepare to hear a lot more about them.

Superfood is available as a fee download all for the price of your email address over at their website and you can catch them playing up and down the country supporting Peace during April and as support for Tribes in May.

For fans of // Wavves, Peace, Pavement

Written by - Henry Small

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