Trophy Wife release début and split-up

The Oxford band have today announced the release of their eagerly awaited début album, but to put a twist into it they've also announced that the band is to come to an end.

The official statement reads...
"We know this has taken a long time but our debut album is now finished and ready. After exploring a few different avenues, we have decided that rather than wait any longer we'd like to share it with you and we want you to have it for as much as you'd like to pay. You can download it as of now over on our Bandcamp page.

We'd also like you to know that we're going to be turning our attention to making some new music after this which means we're going to be putting Trophy Wife to rest. We've lived and breathed this band for the last three years and it feels like the right time for us to move on after the release of an album we truly love and are all incredibly proud of. We've also planned a handful of shows to celebrate the release.

We've loved this band so much and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has in anyway connected with our songs, videos, live shows and artwork and helped make this happen for us. There will be more music and news to follow soon. For now we hope you enjoy our album.

Trophy Wife x"
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