Before They Were Big - Bombay Bicycle Club

The band were asked to play the opening performance of 2006's V Festival after winning Channel 4's "Road to V" competition. The band had a whole albums worth of material before they took to the competition and the song at the bottom of the post was one of them. I have around 12 myself that I collected throughout the years.

"Magnet" has an insanely raw feel about it, it sounds like it was recorded in a garage with some 2nd hand recording kit. Still, the band went on to win the competition, and the rest is history! After meeting in school in their early teens they've proven to everyone that bands formed in school can go the distance! SO enough rambling, check out the ROUGH demo of "Magnets" below!

Also check out the band doing 'Cribs' kinda stoned back in 2006!