Track of the week... Editors - The Sting

Now I don't normally give big bands a chance to be a 'Track of the week' slot. But this week I've decided to do so. Editors release their first new music in four years with the single, "A Ton Of Love" on 17th June. Taken from their fourth studio album, "The Weight Of Your Love". So what of it? Well this song is the B-Side on the "A Ton Of Love" single.

Editors are one of those bands that just love to release every bit of music they've recorded, not ones to shy away from letting their fans hear how songs have came along from demos to album tracks. "The Sting" has came a long way since the early version that sounded a lot like a track off their third album "In This Light And On This Evening".

This song is back to form for the Birmingham based band, and as far as I can see it, that's a good thing. Editors without guitars were good, but nothing beats the noise of that six stringed beast! I for one can't wait to see them play live again!

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