Track of the week... Kobadelta - When It Rains it Pours

The new band out of Newcastle are Kobadelta, and we've got their even newer track "When It Rains It Pours" as our 'Track of the week'. You may remember this as a free download earlier last week, and we ended up loving so much we thought to share it with you all one more time! The synth infused track has hints of surf and alt-rock riffs reminiscent of Muse and Bloc Party. Recently they've been mentioned by "Crack Magazine" as 'A rumbly slice of indie-psych-rock', and we totally agree!

The bluesy phyc-rock sound has got them into a nice little corner of the 'Indie spectrum' and has even got them a dedicated fan-base. What's more is that the song is a free download, now I love bands that just want to set their music free like a bird, and Kobadelta have got all of their work on soundcloud as a free download. They're a real testament to all of the other un-signed bands out there, hard work and dedication does pay off! They've recently supported Splashh (who we love) and are playing next month with fellow Geordies Bernaccia.

You should really need to check them out as I can see them and other Newcastle bands breaking out within the next year, a mini-revival is on our hands!

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Tickets / Kobadelta  + Bernaccia @ The Cluny, Newcastle, 12th July 2013