Track of the week... Moats - Show

We've raved about Moats before, and now the four-piece are back with a spanking new recording of their album track, "Show". The band have been going from strength to strength since releasing their début album back in 2012, and the youthful band are not holding back any new material as proven with this song being the fourth song to appear online since the release of their stunning début album.

Unlike the waterfall sound that opens up the album version, this song starts off with a delicate guitar and then comes in Matt's vocals. With more distortion coming in the song at the chorus and with it being a newer recording the song is just a whole lot bigger and bolder than it's predecessor. The Maccabees sound is back come the end of the when the song slows down, with it's screeching guitar, howling vocals and persistent drumming, this track is free over at their soundcloud, go get it! You'd be mad not to!

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