Introducing... Made In Japan

Made In Japan are a four-piece band from Sydney in Australia. Australia has been going through a resurgence of fresh sounds and ambitious tracks, and Made In Japan are at the forefront of the next wave of bands. Their latest track "Follow The Fool" has got us all up in arms, with delicate guitar tones, ambient noises and deep vocals caressing the oh so beautiful track.

They formed in 2008 while at school and have been getting better ever since! Their latest track is a huge statement, and I can see them getting HUGE on this, it's out just in time for the bloggers as they'll be at the forefront of lists for 2014 now! If you imagine the perfect blend of ambient Radiohead, the slow tracks of Bloc Party and the vocals of Doves then you can easily have this band down to the core. With them taking the best bits of some established UK acts they're putting their own take upon their influences and are coming up trumps! What's best is that you can now download
their latest track for free, just head over to their soundcloud!

For fans of // Radiohead, Bloc Party, Doves

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