Introducing... Secret Fix

Secret Fix, from Kettering in Northamptonshire, not London or a Hipster location like Dalston, they're proving the shoegaze scene wrong by being amazing and not from a major city! We now surely have heard of britains new uprising retro-psychodelic stars "Temples". Now what we got here is a side Project of some members of 'em. "Secret Fix" tell stories about wishes and depressed images in their heads.  Lost friendshipps and forgotten beloved ones.

If you listen to "Paralysed" you surely will daydream too and if you're not zipping on an ice cold beer you might go and search one. Because it has such a nice slow flow, and perfect for sunny days. If you follow the lines in their newest tracks "Kissy Kiss" you are wondering what girl should it be meant for. If anyone gives fuck right? Yeah, you'll dance anyway to this nasty early 90's British Embassy. The young guys of Secret Fix are mainly putting there rocknroll side of life in this track. It's loud and nasty. You should catch some tracks of these Londoner templenkgihts Secret Fix. It's Epic.

For fans of // Temples,The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pixies

Written by -
Nicolas Streichenberg

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