Introducing... Seoul

One of the hardest bands to tag on facebook perhaps! Seoul are an Ambient-Pop trio from Canada, Montreal to be specific. They've not even been around for a month and we're already excited by the prospect of more music from them. I guess the best news I've found out about them is that their song "Stay With Us" is going to feature on their d├ębut album "I Become A Shade" - which I have no idea when it's out!

So they hype, well. "Stay With Us" is the only sound we've heard from them but lovely bass grooves from the early 90's opening the song with airy vocals and light guitars ebbing and flowing over the gentle synths you're lead to belive that this song has been unlocked from the vaults of the 1990's. Alas, it's 2013 and this has just been given a free download release. With over 75,000 plays on their first ever track, be sure to keep a close eye on the Montreal band in coming months!

You can download the song below, and watch the stunning video too!

For fans of // Carousel, The XX, St Lucia

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