EP Review... Suzuki Method - Native

Suzuki Method are a 5 piece from Salford who are most definitely on their way to something special in the future. With this 5 track EP demonstrating the best of their abilities and the potential they have as a tight unit, it's about time to we start to take the electro band even more seriously.

Looking back at some of the best singles of 2013, it's clear that there is a winning formula starting to become more obvious and has managed to get Daft Punk, The 1975, Arcade Fire and so many more a hell of a lot of record sales (I'm predicting Arcade Fire's sales). Suzuki Method are quite clearly on to that same path as they bring electronic mixes, guitar loops and funk all in to one which is so evident from the beginning of Sherbet. It provides a futuristic feel but giving a small, minor hint of a real 80's influence – something which is extremely favourable at the moment.

Country Cousins is the track that stands out from the rest. Taking a clear direction with their music, Suzuki Method manage to build upon their usual techniques to create an extremely effective, yet subtle to the ears sound which forces an energetic wave of heavier disco to the surrounding environment. It is to easy to hear that they have worked on the track for ages to get it right and build up to the best possible result and I have no doubt in saying that if they had taken it any further, it could have been ruined.

This release most certainly doesn't weaken towards the end as we're treated to 3 more tracks full of tight synths, immediate break downs and fiery passion from each band member. Subjecting us to only the best, this ever-improving group are showing that they have been paying very close attention to the music scene and now it's time that we pay attention to them and I am definitely doing that. Be Cruel Be Kind, Strangelet and You Asked For The Moon And You Got It all project different personalities within the band but keep it tight-knit with their main sound that carries through the EP like any well thought through release would.

Suzuki Method have never made it is so clear that they mean serious business in a time of extreme competitiveness, but with these 5 tracks, they are likely to turn heads and gain attention. With it being released to the public later this year, this is your chance to jump on board and become a fan of them. There's not a chance that they're going anywhere any time soon.

Out of 10: 6/10