Gig Review... Sigur Rós @ Roundhouse, London, September 2nd 2013

The iTunes Festival continued last night in Camden’s Roundhouse, with Icelandic giants Sigur Rós taking to the stage. The trio were accompanied by violinists, percussionists and a brass section to help towards creating the unique sound that Sigur Rós provide with their music.

The band opened with Yfirborð, a calming but fast paced track taken from their latest LP “Kveikur” and followed it up with the much heavier “Brennistein”, the lead single from the band’s eighth offering. After showcasing some of the new stuff, the band delved into their archives, playing fan favourites “Festival” followed up by “Hoppípolla”. The crowd clearly lapping up the positive vibes bursting from two of Sigur’s most refreshing songs.

© Getty Images / Matt Kent / Redferns
“Svefn-g-Englar” was received well and was followed up with “Glósóli” that seemed to be off-beat at times with the marching sounds but it was soon forgotten about when the song climaxed and exploded to life for the final two minutes of the track. The show took a heavier turn from there on out with “Vaka” taking the audience through the darker side of Sigur Rós. Only one track from the band’s “Valtari” album made an appearance. That was the spellbinding “Varúð”, similar to “Glósóli” began eerily as Jónsi sang at his piano but soon the song began to rise and the tension in the song reached its tipping point as the song ended in classic Sigur Rós fashion.

The performance ended with “Popplagið”, also the final song on the “Untitled” album. A song that feels like you’re on an adventure when listening was the perfect way to end a set that took us on a ride through the new, the old and the best of Sigur Rós.

Written by - Jack Squibb