Introducing... Clare Maguire

I discovered Clare Maguire earlier this week when London Grammar posted a link to her song  “Paper Thin” on their Facebook page. For whatever reason I decided to click play, and I’m very glad I did. I got chills immediately, and even more when the vocals kicked in. When that happens, I know it’s going to be good.

After a bit of research I discovered she’s a London-based artist who is working on her second album. None of that even matters to me because this one song is just so perfect. This is what I live for, why I keep listening to music: that moment of discovery when you find one flawless song that blows you away.

From the opening line — “I think of you like winter”— I was hooked. Maguire has a soulful, slightly smoky voice that draws you in and demands your attention without needing to shout. I’m not a huge fan of piano driven songs but I find that it accompanies her voice quite nicely.

If her second album is even half as good as this one song then it’ll be well worth a listen. If you like your indie music slower and slightly dark, this is for you. I highly recommend you give “Paper Thin” a listen, you probably won’t regret it. 

For fans of // London Grammar, Laura Marling and Amy Winehouse