Introducing... KRAFTKLUB

Music from Germany doesn't exactly have the best reputation. Music IN German is usually pretty bad. One of the exceptions to this "tradition" is German band KRAFTKLUB. Describing their music isn't an easy task, leading to every music magazine in Germany assigning them to a different genre. If the band from Chemnitz, a city in former eastern Germany, were an instrumental band they would sound like an indie guitar band, similar to the Arctic Monkeys. But that's a big IF, since there's the not-so-small matter of lead singer Felix Brummer (whose brother Till plays bass for KRAFTKLUB).

With him rapping often ironic and humorous lyrics and guitarist Karl Schumann occasionally singing they don't fit into any standard genre. In their song "Eure M├Ądchen", a song featured on FIFA 13, they claim: "Wir machen Pop Musik", (We make pop music) ironically showing that they themselves don't care who listens to their music and what their fans listen to apart from them.

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