Introducing... Nigel & The Dropout

I came across this band last year on The Pirate Bay's front page as a part of "Promo Bay". After listening to a couple of their songs I immediately liked their strange drum beats mixed with solid guitar loops, delays and everything else and keyboards covering the background. Another thing I also like is that they don't use laptops live. So who are Nigel & The Dropout?

Nigel & The Dropout are two 21 years old guys from Detroit. One plays the guitar and one plays the keyboards and a small part of drum-set. Their songs are all like a blurry photograph with one clear part that is the point and the theme of it. And this part I think is the guitar. But the "blurry" parts are not to be left out unmentioned, because they show us the mood of the band's music. Their genre is experimental psychedelic electro rock. Yeah, one cannot really put a label on this kind of music. The band already released three albums named &; Slice of Infinity; and §§. You can buy their albums on their homepage by naming the price you are willing to pay. This option I strongly support because they are giving their music to people for free and if one really likes them, he or she can "donate" to them.

For fans of // Moats, Brothers Boat, The Milk

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