Introducing... SMILE

The band from Spain (Getxo) is presenting the first single of their next album ‘Out Of Season’ out on the 15th of October. They come back with their third LP, after the release of ‘Seaside’ in the year 2012 still available for free download. John Franks is the leader of the band along with Jokin Totorika and Daniel Merino, though they started with an acoustic sound it soon developed in fresh and rhythmic vibes with the incorporation of Ferdy Breton and Javi Gonzalez.

‘City Girl’ is the track chosen to present their new record. It transports the seaside feeling of the Spanish coast as parallels of the Californian ones, full of surfers and with bright sunny days. With a catchy riff and easy lyrics, the song reminds us of the summer that is sadly ending but that still encourages us and the girl to “find a crazy adventure” in this short track but prosperous and promising album that goes on the line of the EP but assures a timeless collection of tracks for this autumn. 

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Written by  Belén Martinez