Single Review... MMX - Only

MMX have always been a band who have managed to create an intense feeling through extracting deep thoughts from their minds and transferring them to lyrics, clashing chords to create an uncomfortable feel yet make a sound that fits so perfectly in the industry.

Having recently opened Reading Festival on the Festival Republic stage and the same the day after at Leeds, the band have now put out a new song called 'Only' and it's definitely showing a journey of self-discovery as individual members but also as one unit.

Scraping their traditional slow-paced, intimate melodies; MMX appear to have come back with a more layered track that explores a range of vocals and hints at a more tropical sound - allowing their focus to be on a bigger build-up and leading to an ending that is similar to a mix of singles put together by Foals and White Lies. This doesn't seem to be a problem though, it's still very much unique in terms of the way the, quite recently formed, band approach the production of it all which definitely adds a completely different feel to 'Only'. Echoing chords following a constant dominant beat form to make a very snappy but relaxed tone throughout all 5.47 of the latest single. It suggests a more experimental side coming out in this next EP, released September 3rd, and a higher volume of moments where the listeners sit back and appreciate the song for what it actually is.

Only is a single that demonstrates MMX are pretty much on top form. With an extremely good back catalogue to support this new track, we could see the band getting a bit more attention like they deserve. One thing's for sure, we're most certainly seeing a lighter side to the music full of volume.

MMX - Only
Out of 10: 6/10

Written by - Connor Willis