Track of the week... MMX - Only

MMX have always been a band who have managed to create an intense feeling through extracting deep thoughts from their minds and transferring them to lyrics, clashing chords to create an uncomfortable feel yet make a sound that fits so perfectly within the industry.

"Only" is the latest track from the Oxford band, and with a carefully layered track with clicks, gentle guitar and spiky guitar tones they've managed to create a very atmospheric song with such a simple approach. The band use to go around as a Pop-Rock band called Francesqa back in the day, but they've now left that period of their lives behind and we welcome them with open arms. They've already opened the Reading Festival this year and are due to support The 1975 on tour next year. After coming close before, I'm sure the foursome will become big next year. Just listen to "Only" and you'll understand why!

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Partially written by - Connor Willis