Track of the week... Superfood - TV

This might be a bit late as far as fans of the band are aware, but this week marks the half-way mark for the Birmingham band in their first ever headline tour. So we're reminiscing and immersing ourselves in their tracks "Superfood" and this weeks track of the week "TV" - the latter of which is still in demo form!

Released onto their soundcloud account around four months ago this just  confirmed their place in our hearts as one of the finest bands to emerge since fellow Brummies Peace. "TV" is an imagination of Brit-Pop colliding with the 21st century, not like Viva Brother but more of modern life. "How am I to dream without the TV on, yeah?" - frontman Dom Ganderton shrieks, like a stoned teenager telling his family to go away. With catchy hooks in their duo of songs so far they're certainly a band you'll be eager to get your teeth into. Sueprfood, more like super addictive! Something big is going to come from them in late 2013/early 2014 we hope. They're already miles ahead of any other band as far as our 'Sound of 2014' poll goes by.

Sink your teeth into "TV" below!

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