Interview with... KILL IT KID @ Reeperbahn Festival, Germany

Allright brothers and sisters, we met "Kill It Kid" from Bath at the last week's Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. One of the biggest Newcomer Festival in the world and a very good place to meet up bands, label managers or even random guys to drink beer with when they suddendly turn out to be Allan McGee wich signed Oasis and managed Primal Scream in the 90's isn't it? Yeah that's right. But as we told you before, we met the lovely soul Dom Kozubik wich is hitting the bass pretty rad...

Hamburg, pretty much a rockcity. What happened so far today?
We were playing on a boat so it was actually a very "rocking" scene down at the riverside (laughs hard). There was a strange crane where we had to put the gear on our boat/stage. Therefore, it was really exciting to be here already.

While we're having some beers you told me about your name of your band "Kill It Kid" is taken from an old, really old Song right?
Yeah that's right. It was taken by a song called "Kill It Kid" performed by "Blind Willy McFell". He's American and it was a popular "PreBlues" Song in the rich and famous 20's

Tell me about your iPod. What was the first thing you've been listening today?
Sleepy Sun - "Marina", that song... It's epic. We've been touring with 'em a while ago.
They're legends.

What's next, what are you expecting now?

Oh we're heading soon over to the States for the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, then we'll tour and show the guys overthere some love from us.

Make sure you're catching up their fantastic d├ębut album "Feet Fall Heavy" out on One Little Indian Recs. Check out their Commercial Add from Samsung where they took "Run" to present their new stuff.

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