Bigmouth strikes again as Kanye West forces Arctic Monkeys to postpone Jimmy Kimmel performance

Last night, UK favourites Arctic Monkeys were scheduled to perform on popular American chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live - but the ever growing ego of Kanye West had other ideas.

After an extremely lengthy interview that saw West talk for around 25 minutes, the Sheffield band, who earlier this month made chart history yet again after recent release 'AM' scored them their 5th Number 1 album, were unprofessionally forced to cancel their performance on the show as their was no time left for the group to play. This was the result of Kanye West's bigmouth once again refusing to shut up, and because of his sheer lack of respect for anyone other than himself and his stupid talentless reality TV girlfriend, the band are now going to have to reschedule their slot on the show. 

Arctic Monkeys: forced to reschedule US TV performance

The initial announcement of an interview between West and Kimmel come as a shock to many after Jimmy Kimmel's recent parody of Kanye's interview with Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe saw the US chat show host on the receiving end of a foul mouthed Twitter rant from the 'Yeezus' star. 

Despite the fact that Kanye had reportedly been surprisingly polite for 90% of the conversation, I can't help but feel pathetic Kimmel shied away from ending the interview earlier in a bid to re-cement his place up Kanye's arse.

I mean who cares about some UK band anyway?...

George Henry King