Interview with... The Jamborines

The Jamborines are one of the sexiest Rockbands of the French part of Switzerland. Their sound is much likely like The Courteeners or Nada Surf but with an amazing cracky voice of Caleb Kylander wich is originally from the U.S. Westcoast, California. Their liveshows are sweet and they play nice gear. Such as a bling bling shiny D├╝senberg or Old Original Gibson Jazzguitars and Thunderbird Bass. Even a Big Ball 24" Bassdrum.

We visited them in the studios in Winterthur Switzerland to check their new songs and asked them about working in the studios, how it was going and what we can expect:
P: Philip Harrison (Producer/Engineer)
C: Caleb Kylander (Vox/RhythmGit)
Y: Yann Secrest (LeadGit/Backvox)
M: Marc Egloff (Drums)
And there is also another Yann, who just was recording his bassline with the old and now studiodrummer Richard Spooner (R) who's also appearing to be the drummer on one of the biggest Blues-Legends Philip Fankhauser

How's it going what are you up to?
  • C: Right now, where in the studios chilling and drinking beers. We're here to record two singles or two new songs as you might call it. We're very happy that we can record again and that we've thrown ourselves back into the studio.

Who was the mastermind behind the new songs?
  • P: Caleb knows what he wants right?
  • R: Yeah definitely, he brings the tree we bring the leaves… Phil picks the fruit…

How are you feeling in the studios?
  • Y: Very good, it feels really easy, we get a bit of itchy balls though haha and we definitively flair up aswell...

What's the gear you're using atm?
  • C: Organs, a lot of Organs: Vox Organs …there is a Farfisa laying down here, so maybe we're using that aswell…

Classic: first thing you've listened on any speaker today?
  • Y: New Band called London Grammar… Wasting my young years is what, I guess, the song was called...

Caleb and Yann, tell us about your new boys in the band.
  • C: Yeah definitely, marc egloff thin guy and smart, 
  • M: I always played some classic stuff on my own. Now I'm getting down to business man. Can't wait to play new shows.

Yann, you're still a dusenberg fan, but in this session, you found a new love right?
  • Burns Guitars man ?… The look, the feel and sounds, it's good, looking forward to plug it in, maybe I'm gonna make it cry…let's see….

  • C: Hours, end of the year. Maybe a clip aswell….
  • Y: New Album.. maybeeeer octobeeeer…

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