Album Announcement / Single Review... TOY - Join The Dots

Toy, one of the most exciting krautrock/psych bands of 2012, is coming back. Now in October 2013 the London-based lads announced their second LP called after their single. They've got one repetetive banger in their suitcases. Starting all over.

Covering your mind from the beginning until the end. Eventhough it's an 8 ( !!! ) minute track you got so many things to explore: Like, firstly, we hear a super strong funky bass period within the well known sound of their retro synth gear. Giving it a little bit of time Tom Dougall, leadsinger and well-lover of Fender Jaguar Specials... he starts singing. He starts singing within more thinking about melodies. Catchier than ever, more after the classical pop structure as I might call it from up now... In the end it's an nearly endless-good song reminding lightly of the "75'" of the german Krautband "NEU!". We are extremely excited about what's coming!

The second LP will be out on Heavenly Rec. on 9th of December in the UK and 10th in the US.
The album will consist of the  following tracks:
‘You Won’t Be The Same’
‘As We Turn’
‘Join The Dots’
‘To A Death Unknown’
‘It’s Been So Long’
‘Left To Wander’
‘Too Far Gone To Know’
‘Frozen Atmosphere’
‘Fall Out Of Love’

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