Top 10 Acts to See at Austin City Limits 2013

This year Austin City Limits has expanded to two weekends with nearly identical lineups. The first weekend is October 4-6 and is sold out. The second weekend is October 11-13 and at the time of posting tickets are still available. As this is one of my favourite festivals and I'm going first weekend, I put together a list in no particular order of 10 acts that I think you should see at ACL.

I make no guarantees but I will try and tweet while I'm at the festival, if you're interested you can follow me here

1. Arctic Monkeys
I love them to death and cannot wait to see them again. They've got a new album out that's quite good, they're at the top of their game right now, don't miss them. I know they're playing at the same time as Vampire Weekend but seriously that shouldn't even be a conflict for you. AM all the way.

They're skater punks from California that will deliver a fast, frantic live show you really shouldn't miss. Also they're friends with Kate Nash and their friendship just makes me so happy.

3. Jake Bugg

A really great young singer/song writer and I'm so exited that he's touring America. He's incredibly talented and really worth a look.

4. Grimes

She's got a wonderful haunting vocal style with a cool electro vibe. I really love her quirky style and I'm excited to get a chance to see her.

5. Kendrick Lamar

There's always at least one or two rap acts at ACL, and they usually are smart picks that go over well. Kendrick Lamar is becoming a major force in the US rap scene, and he's got some great social commentary tracks as well.

6. Queens of the Stone Age

Josh Homme and co are back with a great stormer of an album. They're a truly great rock band and should translate well to a festival setting. Unfortunately their set conflicts with Depeche Mode but it's worth dropping by at least for a bit.

7. Depeche Mode

Why? Because it's Depeche Mode! They're legends and have inspired so much of the music we listen to today. Plus they're on at the same time as Muse, who I really dislike and play this festival all the time. You know what to do.

8. The Cure

A lot of the same reasons I used above also apply here. They're great, you know a lot of their songs, just do it. Plus they're at the same time as Kings of Leon, who let's be honest, really aren't that great. They've got a 2 hour set and I just can't wait to see what all they do with it.

9. Franz Ferdinand

Their new album is some of the best material I've heard from them in a long time, and their live shows are always fun. It seems like it's been a long time since we last heard from them, but I feel it was well worth the wait.

10. Haim

Personally, I haven't had much luck getting into their music, but I'm still going to recommend them. They seem like really awesome people and I'm going to try and drop by their set.

Holly Spidle