Track of the week... 28 Boulevard - This Is What

There seems to be a resurgence of bands from the city of Cambridge as of late. 28 Boulevard have been on the scene for a couple of years now playing the small venues and the infamous Junction. But the boys are back with something new, "This Is What" and another new track "Who Are You?". We're focusing on the former of the two.

28 Boulevard live at The Junction 30th September 2013

After bumping into them rather strangely outside of a Bloc Party gig in the city last year I've been following them closely and have been impressed on how they've developed as a band. The track of the week this week is "This Is What" - and you can easily hear the Bloc Party influence playing a key part in the track. It really does feel like 'A Weekend In The City' when you're listening to this track, so much that I just have to love it!

The single - with "Who Are You?" - is released tomorrow (8th October) for free via their soundcloud page, you can pick it up just below to save you time!

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