Arctic Monkeys Finsbury Park tickets sellout whilst some fans complain about £60 price tag

After going on general sale yesterday morning (22 Nov) at ten o'clock, the standard admission tickets for next May's two huge outdoor Finsbury Park gigs that Arctic Monkeys are set to headline, are now sold out - with the Saturday tickets proving the more popular of days after selling out particularly quick, within a matter of minutes. 

With the '4 ticket per house-hold' limit put into place in an attempt to stop majority of the tickets ending up on various tout websites at extortionate prices, the overall cost of a ticket would of set you back £60.50 - a price some fans don't agree with. One person expressed his shock at the price of the show by tweeting, '£60 a ticket to see Arctic Monkeys is an absolute joke' whilst another seemed particularly angry at the band themselves when saying, '£60 for an Arctic Monkeys ticket, they can fuck off'.

Tame Impala, Miles Kane and Royal Blood are all lined up to provide the support for both the Friday and Saturday shows which will take place on the 23rd and 24th May.

Tickets for Finsbury Park are now all SOLD OUT
Despite the usual fan bombardment that Ticketmaster, Seetickets and GigandTours undoubtedly went under yesterday morning, (a rush that has become a common occurrence in recent years when Arctic Monkeys tickets are involved), fans who had the money at hand on Thursday (21 Nov) would of been able to purchase tickets in the pre-sale on the bands website with no hassle whatsoever - a whole 24 hours prior to the general sale. However, as is the case with many early sales that take place these days, very few people actually knew about it and there was not one website promoting it either (other than us). Of course, in true Arctic Monkeys fashion, 'word of mouth' soon began to play its part and by mid-afternoon, the unknown amount of pre-sale tickets had also all sold out. 

Its All Indie were the first to bring you the news of that somewhat secretive Arctic Monkeys pre-sale (even before the band announced it themselves) and the 'breaking news' post about it can still be read HERE.

So what do YOU think? Is £60 to much to charge or is that fair considering there are three other bands playing? Were you lucky enough to get tickets in time and if so what day are you going to be heading up to Finsbury Park? And do you think that a pre-sale should be promoted more? 

Let us know your thoughts - personally I think £60 is more than acceptable considering a normal Arctic Monkeys ticket with just the one support act would of cost you £40 as it is.

George Henry King