Arctic Monkeys ticket pre-sale for Finsbury Park gigs

Last week Arctic Monkeys announced that they would be playing two huge outdoors gigs at Finsbury Park next May.

This left fans all over instantly dismissing their chances of getting tickets due to the obvious high demand there will undoubtedly be - I however wasn't THAT worried. Like the Sheffield bands UK tour and majority of gigs these days, I had a feeling there would be a pre-sale and oh how right I was. 

The official ticket sale is tomorrow at 10am, however after a slight bit of research here and there I have found a pre-sale that kicked off at 10am this morning and fans who already have that £60 in their bank account should be able to just swan in and get tickets at ease - given that it is just like their UK tour pre-sale that is but I have every faith that it will be. 

Thank me later people

George Henry King