Carl Barât reveals second solo album details

Carl Barât held a Q and A session on his Facebook page earlier this week. In between fielding questions from fans on a variety of subjects, he also revealed some details about his upcoming second solo album. The working title is "Let It Reign" and the album is expected to be released in February or March 2014. All the songs were recorded in July and August in the San Fernando Valley with Joby Ford from The Bronx.

When asked about his favourite part of recording this album, Barât had the following to say: "To be honest, I haven't worked so bloody hard in years, it seemed like a slog at the time, 16 hours a day without a break for 30 days and two nights out in Hollywood with hideous hangovers but I loved it. Having the songs in my hand is the best part." 

Presumably "War Of The Roses" and "Victory Gin," tracks which Barât has posted to his Facebook page in demo form, will be on the new album as well. A tracklist has not been released at this point. Among other things, it was revealed that he wrote a song about motorbikes when he was 13, the next book he's going to read is The Master and Margarita, and the next gig he's attending is Nick Cave. The full Q and A session can be found on his Facebook page and is worth taking a look.

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By - Holly Spidle