EP Review... We The Wild - Vol.1

After the sudden split of Futures late last year their fans were wondering when the next time they could see Ant West and his friends in action. Well a month ago a new duo came onto the scene, and guess what? Ant West and Casey Roarty formed a band, they called themselves We The Wild and their first EP is an absolute stunner!

It would be unfair to compare them against their past work but as far as uniqueness goes they're up there with the likes of Alt-J and Bastille. Just doing what they love and not worrying about what anyone else thinks "You Lost My Mind" is one of those glitchy-pop tracks that has you captured from the first note, certainly a track with longevity. I'll be certainly eager to check out them when they play this live, as I can see this being an interesting experience for everyone involved. "Body Electric (Blue)" is their most played track on their soundcloud, and for good reasons too! It's been played everywhere, from the BBC's Radio 1 to Canadian Radio Stations and even cooking shows in Channel 4. The electronics on this song are just amazingly complimented with the piano keys and strings, something you don't find these days, bands experimenting with Electronics and Orchestral instruments and pulling it off, a smashing track all round!

The second half of the EP is more of a lighter affair, it starts off with "Daisy May", it's the nearest track on the EP that I can see a conventional 4 piece band being able to play, with guitars and elements of the orient within it's soft underbelly. If you listen to the song in the second verse you can hear some interesting sounds - and once again, everything clicks! The EP ends with the simply sublime "Float" - the track has gentle guitar tones, harmonies and an abundance of catchy lyrics that will have you singing to yourself for hours and days!

We The Wild have created the most exciting EP I have heard this year, and for that alone I am going to give them a score that I haven't given to anyone for a long time. The EP is full of interesting and intricate sounds, beautiful vocals & harmonies, gentle tones and the sound of the future. I can see them just getting bigger and bigger of this EP, and I really hope they're going to be as big as Alt-J, because the lads deserve it on talent and integrity alone, the most consistent EP I've heard in a while - just love it! - Don't believe me? Listen to it below!

We The Wild - Vol.1
Out of 10: 10/10

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